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"Keith has an infectious enthusiasm that helps motivate and drive his clients to great results. Keith is a passionate, adaptable and driven individual with a good head on his shoulders. The preparation Keith puts in for each of his clients is equalled by the quality of his personal training delivery."

(Andrew Dent)

Is Personal Training for me?

Personal Training is for everybody!  Whether you require one to one training, or prefer to train with a friend or family member, here at Transition Personal training we can put together a training schedule to meet your needs.




Get involved with our fitness classes @Transition Personal Training.

No booking required, everybody is welcome. 

Get fit & stay motivated in a friendly, social atmosphere.  How far can you push it?







*NEW for 2020* THE SATURDAY SESSION 9.15am


Every Monday & Thursday evening plus Saturday morning.

Everybody Welcome

£5 per person

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