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"Keith has an infectious enthusiasm that helps motivate and drive his clients to great results. Keith is a passionate, adaptable and driven individual with a good head on his shoulders. The preparation Keith puts in for each of his clients is equalled by the quality of his personal training delivery."

(Andrew Dent)

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Personal Training is for everybody!  Whether you require one to one training, or prefer to train with a friend or family member, here at Transition Personal training we can put together a training schedule to meet your needs.


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(CPM Sports)

Sports Therapist & Personal Trainer

CPM Sports offers everything the athlete or sports-person could want or need, all on your doorstep in Gloucester. I am a Graduate Sports Therapist specialising in Golf fitness & Golf injuries, & an experienced Personal Trainer specialising in Posture & Corrective Exercise.

As a Graduate Sports Therapist, I can assess, diagnose, treat, rehabilitate, manage & prevent all kinds of sports injuries, guiding you on your journey from the initial injury all the way to getting you back in action in better shape than ever. This includes spinal, joint, muscle, tendon, ligament and nerve injuries, as well the usual aches, pains and niggles that are almost inevitable, whatever your sport.

As a Golf Specialist, I provides golf specific training, therapy and rehab, helping golfers of all abilities not only reduce their handicap, increase club head speed and carry distance, but also prevent and recover from all types of golfing injuries.

As a personal trainer , I specialise in helping people move better with no pain, play the sports they love, and enjoy a better quality of life.

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