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"Keith has an infectious enthusiasm that helps motivate and drive his clients to great results. Keith is a passionate, adaptable and driven individual with a good head on his shoulders. The preparation Keith puts in for each of his clients is equalled by the quality of his personal training delivery."

(Andrew Dent)

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Personal Training is for everybody!  Whether you require one to one training, or prefer to train with a friend or family member, here at Transition Personal training we can put together a training schedule to meet your needs.


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(Leah Rose Nutrition)

Bespoke nutritional programming with MNU certified nutritionist, Leah Rose: Nutrition for sports, performance, weight loss and optimal health.

I specialise in nutrition for strength, endurance, body composition, team sports, weight loss, markers of health such as cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and conditions such as diabetes and PCOS.   I provide an effective, honest, practical service that is tailored specifically to you and your goals.

A love of lifting heavy things and my own journey to health and fitness (weight loss, PCOS and gestational diabetes) led me naturally to developing a passion for nutrition and it’s function in supporting optimal health and performance - I have always been totally fascinated by it.

The nutrition industry revealed it’s true self to me over the years as full of misinformation - fad and fiction every which way I looked - and believe me, I have burrowed down some rabbit holes and come a cropper with Dr Google more times than I care to mention.

As an MNU certified nutritionist I now deliver the sort of service that I had always hoped to find but never did - one based on real, current and practical nutritional truth that actually helps people to achieve their health and performance goals for real. 

No judgement, no fads or fashion, no unrealistic goals or expectations, just sound and sustainable advice that is individual to you, your goals, your health and your lifestyle.

Whether your goals are performance or body composition related (or both), my programming will enable you to maximise the benefit of your training, optimise your performance, minimise the risk of injury, promote good and speedy recovery, and include strategies for hydration and the appropriate use of evidence-based supplements.

There was never a better time to look after yourself and support your best health.

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